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Enjoy Mediterranean jewel Dubrovnik and sail Dalmatian islands or Montenegro with luxury sailing yachts for less than the price of the 4-star hotel. The sailing season 2018 starts from the March 17 and lasts to November 3.

Experience sailing in Croatia in the video

Wether you would to like from Dubrovnik to Split (Trogir), or to islands in Croatian Adriatics or to Montenegro, we give you several reasons why to choose Navigare Yachting fleet in Dubrovnik (as well as suggested itineraries further down the page):

Current discounts - Dubrovnik base

- 10% early booking discount (booking a boat 6 months prior to sailing)
- 15% on all the yachts for all the available dates in season 2018 (discount is valid for all the bookings confirmed until 28.02.2017.)
- 25% on all the yachts for sailing in April + "Sail 7 days and pay for 6 days"
- 25% on all the yachts for sailing in May
- 15% on all the yachts for sailing in week 23 (02.06.-09.06.2018)
- 15% on all the yachts for sailing in week 26 (
- no one-way fee for sailing from Dubrovnik to Trogir - Oceanis 48 – Claudia II
- For those who want to sail to Montenegro, there is no charge for Permit for international waters by Navigare Yachting. Montenegro entrance fee is around 100-150 Euro depending on the boat size and is paid upon entering Montenegro.

The yacht rent prices and applicable discounts can be checked for each yacht on the yacht page.

All inclusive package - Croatia

All inclusive package for Croatia is aproximatelly 500 Eur per week and it depends on the yacht lenght. All inclusive package is an obligatory extra for chartering any yacht in Croatia.

All inclusive package includes:

- welcome package, final cleaning, bed sheets & towels, dinghy, outboard engine & fuel, gas, full water tanks, snorkelling equipment, prepaid Croatian mobile phone and weather forecast SMS on daily basis, free Wi-Fi Internet on board, Navigare bus transfer included (only on Saturdays)*

All inclusive package benefits:

- no deposit in cash or via credit cards needed
- no hidden costs
- all damages covered
- no money blocked
- faster check in
- no check-out procedure
- no insurance needed

Special One-way offer for sailing from Dubrovnik to Trogir – Save 500 Eur on booking

We recommend you one-way sailing route from Dubrovnik to Trogir without having to pay one-way fee of 500 Eur for the luxury yacht Oceanis 48 – Claudia II. This special offer applies only to this yacht and is applicable for both Dubrovnik – Trogir or Trogir-Dubrovnik sailing routes (however if you choose Trogir – Dubrovnik route, mooring fee of 120 Eur at Seget Donji applies).


Why choose Oceanis 48 – Claudia II?



We recommend this owners version of the yacht for her excellent sailing performances as well as ensuring extra comfort at the same time. Additionally:

  • extra comfortable cabins, with spacious owner’s cabin

  • open view from the stern suitable for the romantic dinner

  • suitable for the families with children

  • it is quite spacious for the yacht her size

  • it has full batten main sail which ensures the best sailing performances

  • excellent platform for swimming




Check full specifications, availability and prices on the Oceanis 48 – Claudia II web page.

Sailing boats / catamarans in Dubrovnik base

Direct flights info

Fly to Dubrovnik from Vienna, Brussels, Prague, Paris, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Rome, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Oslo, Barcelona, Madrid, Stockholm, Geneva, Istanbul, Edinburgh, London.
Find your cheapest or fastest flight on the folowing link.


Suggested one-way sailing route from Dubrovnik to Trogir:

  • Day 1, Saturday: Dubrovnik – Island Šipan, Šipanska Luka (15NM)

  • Day 2, Sunday: Island Šipan – Polače, Mljet (21NM)

  • Day 3, Monday: Island Mljet – Island Korčula, Town Korčula (15NM)

  • Day 4, Tuesday – Island Lastovo, Skrivena Luka (25NM)

  • Day 5: Island Lastovo – Island Vis, Vis (35 NM)

  • Day 6: Island Vis – Island Hvar, Hvar (13NM)

  • Day 7: Island Hvar – Trogir, Marina Seget Donji (25NM)






Suggested one-way sailing route from Trogir to Dubrovnik:

  • Day 1 Saturday: Trogir, Marina Seget Donji – Island Šolta, Maslinica (9NM)

  • Day 2: Island Šolta – Island Hvar, Hvar (17NM)

  • Day 3: Island Hvar – Island Vis, Vis (13NM)

  • Day 4: Island Vis – Island Lastovo, Pasadur (35NM)

  • Day 5: Island Lastovo – Island Korčula, Korčula (25NM)

  • Day 6: Island Korčula – Mljet, Polače  (15NM)

  • Day 7: Island Mljet - Dubrovnik, ACI Dubrovnik, Komolac  (30NM)




 Suggested sailing route from Dubrovnik


The 7-day sailing route that includes islands Šipan, Mljet, Korčula & Lastovo

  • Day 1: Dubrovnik – Island Šipan, Šipanska Luka

  • Day 2: Island Šipan - Island Mljet, Polače

  • Day 3: Island Korčula – Island Lastovo, Skrivena Luka (“Hidden Harbor”)

  • Day 4: Island Lastovo – Island Lastovo, Pasadur, Veli Lago

  • Day 5: Island Lastovo – Island Korčula, Korčula

  • Day 6: Island Korčula – Island Mljet, Okuklje

  • Day 7: Island Mljet – Dubrovnik


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Suggested sailing route from Dubrovnik - Montenegro - Dubrovnik:

  • Day 1, Saturday: Dubrovnik – Cavtat, (12 NM)

  • Day 2, Sunday: Cavtat - Herceg Novi, (16 NM)

  • Day 3, Monday: Herceg Novi - Budva (30 NM)

  • Day 4, Tuesday: Budva – Bigovo (12 NM)

  • Day 5, Wednesday: Bigovo – Kotor (22 NM)

  • Day 6, Thursday: Kotor – Tivat (8 NM)

  • Day 7, Friday: Tivat – Dubrovnik (35 NM)

Dubrovnik - Montenegro sailing route



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