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All Inclusive Package February 16, 2016





All Inclusive Package

February 16, 2016

All Inclusive package is one of it’s kind in Croatia, Sweden, BVI and Turkey. It’s our most selling product that offers our clients complete comfort and focuses their mind only on sailing and no other activities like check-out, cleaning, filling tanks etc. In the case of our All Inclusive pack, we do all of that for you and leave you to think only of the next destination to set your sails to.

All Inclusive Package Includes:

  • security deposit/full coverage*

  • welcome package

  • final cleaning

  • bed sheets & towels

  • dinghy

  • outboard engine & fuel

  • gas

  • full water tanks

  • snorkelling equipment

  • prepaid Croatian mobile phone and weather forecast SMS on daily basis

  • free Wi-Fi Internet on board

  • Navigare bus transfer included**

SPLIT AIRPORT – TROGIR MARINA every full hour 10:00-16:00 Only on Saturdays!**

TROGIR MARINA – SPLIT AIRPORT 09.00; 10:30 and 11.30
Only on Saturdays!**

– no deposit in cash or via credit cards needed
– no hidden costs
– all damages covered
– no money blocked
– faster check in
– no check-out procedure
– no insurance needed