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Sailing With Employees

A strong team of employees is key to any successful company. And what better way to work on some proper team building than to join together in an activity. Sailing together with your employees asks for great interpersonal skills, communication and trust, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s business world. Bring your team closer together on a sailing trip and undergo new challenges and experiences.

Based on a proven concept, Navigare Yachting has put special programmes together for all types of businesses. Each company is unique and we, therefore, adapt in order to suit your individual preferences and needs. To get the perfect picture of your company we would happily pay you a visit and present our ideas to you in person.
At all destinations, we can arrange great local dinners in outstanding restaurants. Furthermore, we can organize additional team-building activities such as all kinds of thrilling water sports.

We have a strong and highly skilled team with substantial experience in organizing successful corporate events. All of our skippers have extensive nautical skills, which offers the opportunity to those who want to learn a bit more about sailing. Besides, after spending many seasons working on our yachts, the skippers and hosts / hostesses have gained a lot of knowledge about the local area and can share all kinds of insider tips and information with you.

A company sailing trip with Navigare Yachting offers the perfect inspirational adventure to you and your team.

All aboard!